Night 15 #TheGreatMilkyWayChase VLOG: Crater Lake Panorama Milky Way Photography

Night 15 #TheGreatMilkyWayChase VLOG: Crater Lake Panorama Milky Way Photography

Kirk Keyes Photog Adventure, Vlog

Night 15 of the #TheGreatMilkyWayChase, we visit Crater Lake National Park in Oregon for the second night in a row and do Crater Lake Panoramas!

Milky Way Photography at Crater Lake National Park is really easy. But what is not always simple is getting the entire scene in frame. Panoramas are the BEST way to capture the moment but panoramas are difficult in June.

June is difficult because of how long the sun takes to set on these the longest days of the year. By the end of twilight, the Milky Way Core has already risen high in the sky. This puts the arching rainbow of the Milky Way best left for really wide angle lenses. It also tests Lightroom’s easy mode panorama system.

Crater Lake Panoramas!

Last year I was positioned on the northern rim that put me looking far over my left shoulder to capture the Cassiopeia end of the Milky Way. I had trees overhanging my image from the top of the frame and I didn’t get the Milky Way early enough in the night or with enough headroom above it. All of this confused Lightroom on how to stitch together the panorama without warping it in bizarre, unusable ways and without more effort than I wanted.

This year, we positioned ourselves on a western bank of the Rim. That had the Milky Way stretching out in front of us and it was easily captured! The lake rested beautifully underneath the Milky Way. Other than being a bit too dark for truly enjoying the view of the caldera, I love this image!

No difficulty of lens distorted tree branches, the panorama was completed early in the evening before the Milky Way rose any higher. It already was high and the panorama was entirely 180-degrees in front of me never forcing too much of a twist north or too much of a turn to the south in order to see the whole Milky Way. It was a success!

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Night 16 –  we return to Utah to capture the Milky Way!

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