The Magic of a Tiffen Fog 3 Filter with Orion!

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Using the Tiffen Fog 3 Filter that Cheryl loaned me, I was able to finally capture the Orion Constellation and see the magic that is a Tiffen Fog 3 Filter!

Check out the look of the difference the Tiffen Fog 3 Filter makes but know that the images were captured hastily. I was working with the workshop and so I just left my camera to timelapse a few shots of the Lighthouse and Orion without the filter and then when I had time between helping everyone I put the Tiffen Fog 3 Filter on and let it timelapse some more.

My next test will include a better lens and effort to make a full quality composition. But the magic of the Tiffen Fog 3 Filter is STILL obvious even in a half-hearted effort! Enjoy! -Aaron

Tiffen Double Fog 3 Filter:
!! Be sure to pick up one that matches your lens !!

Listen to the full podcast about this here:

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Cropped in on the Orion Constellation
Full image side-by-side