PODCAST 108: Grand Opening of the new Really Right Stuff HQ in Utah & Talk Quality in our Photography

PODCAST 111: Matt Burk | RRS Lead Engineer talks the RRS Move, why go RRS, & the Trip to Who Knows Where

Kirk Keyes Photog Adventure, Podcast

We are joined in studio by Matt Burk, the Senior Product Development Engineer at Really Right Stuff! We get a chance to drill down into what makes a RRS Tripod worth the money, what the difference is between the mark 1 and mark 2 tripods, give him some hard hitting questions challenging the RRS quality, build, and whether the products …

PODCAST 110: Jordan Younce | Real Estate Photography for Newbs, a New Project, & Spiders, so many Spiders!

Kirk Keyes Photog Adventure, Podcast

We were LIVE over on Facebook with Jordan Younce last night talking Real Estate Photography for beginners. What you guys need to start doing it now, what you need to consider for getting hired, when to shoot, what you can expect from clients and how you can keep your day job and still look legit to potential clients. Then we …