James Kelly, Faroe Islands, Piano Metaphor

PODCAST 87: James Kelly | Landscape Photography in the Faroe Islands & a Piano Metaphor for Photography

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Todays topics – James Kelly of Photog Adventures UK and the Photographer’s Craic Podcast joins us on the podcast today. He talks about his recent adventures out in the Faroe Islands and get us all excited again about going to the Faroe Islands. We discuss our upcoming 7-Day Faroe Islands Workshop in September 10th to 17th, 2018, and even some …

Photog Adventures Podcast Episode 81 Aerial Landscape Photography Cover Photo by Dan Bailey

PODCAST 81: Dan Bailey | Fujifilm Ambassador & True Adventure Aerial Photographer from Plane over Alaska

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¬†Todays Topic We hang out with Adventure Photographer and Fujifilm Ambassador Dan Bailey. Dan flies his own airplane and he tells us about aerial landscape photography. In an extended 35-minute first segment, we get a passionate and convincing argument why we all should be using the Fuji camera system. Dan tells us what he did to become a Fujifilm ambassador …