Podcast Cover Art Mark Gee's Bioluminescent Milky Way

PODCAST 139: Mark Gee | New Zealand Southern Hemisphere Milky Way Photography Tips & Favorite Locations

Photog Adventures Podcast

What Milky Way Photographer out there doesn’t share the bucket list item with me of Southern Hemisphere Milky Way? Answer is no one! Every Milky Way Photographer out there has a dream of going to see the Southern Hemisphere Milky Way before they die! Join Aaron on the podcast dreaming of New Zealand with Master Milky Way Photographer Mark Gee! …

Patreon Highlights - PODCAST 122: Most Hilarious & Inspiring Stories from our Patron Only Podcasts | Cripps, Fossati & More

PODCAST 122: Patreon Highlights | The Most Hilarious & Inspiring Stories | Hardcastle, Cripps, Fossati & More

Kirk Keyes Interview, Podcast

This Episode: Patreon Highlights from Our Patreon Only Podcasts First though, we talk about last month’s Patreon Only Photo Contest. The winner of January’s “Photog Favorite” is Jeff Anderson! Follow Jeff at Instagram: www.instagram.com/upperleft_jeff/ On to the Most Hilarious & Inspiring Stories After gushing about Jeff’s awesome Oregon Waterfall Image, we get into a highlight reel of our fun Patron …