PODCAST 105: Alyce Bender | World Traveler, Nature, and Wildlife Photographer | All Acess

Kirk Keyes Interview, Podcast

This week Aaron gets a break and Brendon interviews, Alyce Bender. Alyce is a travel-loving outdoor and nature photographer. She has traveled and lived all over the world. She will also be teaching at the Create Photography Retreat in Las Vegas. Thanks to our Patrons – This episode was initially posted on our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/photogadventures. You can gain access …

Photog Adventures Podcast_134_Brendon Photo by Kirk Keyes

Celebrating & Saying Goodbye to Brendon Porter using Highlights from 3-Years of Podcasts! | Ep 134

Kirk Keyes Photog Adventure, Podcast

With sorrow, I announce that Brendon Porter is no longer a part of Photog Adventures due to a medical diagnosis of one of his daughters. The extremely concerning situation has forced Brendon to back out of Photog Adventures, and he may never be able to come back. But with an attitude of celebration, I share highlights of Brendon from the …

Photog Adventures Podcast 21 Dr. Bryony Richards

Dr. Bryony Richards | Hanging out talking Astrophotography stories | Ep 21

Kirk Keyes Interview, Podcast

Brendon and I have the privilege to hang out with Dr. Bryony Richards and have a blast sharing Astrophotography adventure stories from all over the world. From her time in Namibia, South Africa, and New Zealand, Bryony Richards always loved the stars, but it wasn’t until a sleepless night in Utah when she found her love of photographing the crazy …

PODCAST 103: Matt Newman | 2018 Astronomy Photog Winner & a Frostbit February Milky Way at Crater Lake | PATREON ONLY

PODCAST 103: Matthew Newman | 2018 Astronomy Photog Winner & a Frostbit February Milky Way at Crater Lake | All Access

Kirk Keyes Interview, Patreon Only, Podcast

Aaron is joined by Matthew Newman who talked about his amazing solo adventure climbing a mountain peak at Crater Lake – in February. Yes – FEBRUARY! At risk of death, Matt braved the elements alone to capture a beautiful early Milky Way over Crater Lake. He returned alive, but frost–nipped and sunburnt! The ultimate oxymoron of winter torture! 😀 Thanks …

2019 Oregon Milky Way Workshop Details & Why You Should Join Us There! | Milky Way Photography

Kirk Keyes Photog Adventure, Podcast, Vlog

Are you already registered or are still considering joining us for Milky Way Photography out in Oregon Coast & Crater Lake this year? Join us in Oregon! http://bit.ly/2X2AZqt Join me for 1-hour LIVE WEBINAR where I go over ALL THE SPECIFIC LOCATIONS, GEAR, DETAILS and BONUS PHOTOGRAPHY that we are going to experience during Photog Adventures’ 2019 Crater Lake & …

Podcast 97 Wayne Pinkston Interview

PODCAST 97: Wayne Pinkston Interview – Milky Way Master | All Access

Kirk Keyes Interview, Patreon Only, Podcast

Wayne Pinkston was the first of our Patreon Only access podcasts. Since we are at the Nightscaper Conference, we’re releasing this previously Patreon Only Interview for everyone! If you would like to get access to our other Patreon Only episodes, then join us at our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/photogadventures Thank you for supporting Photog Adventures! Today’s Guest –Wayne Pinkston We don’t know …

Milky Way Wednesday - Photog Adventures - Island in the Sky

Is that a Meteor, Satellite, or a Plane next to my Milky Way? | Milky Way Wednesday every week at 7 PM MT

Kirk Keyes Milky Way Wednesday, Tutorial, Vlog

Tonight on Milky Way Wednesday we discuss how to tell if the white streak in your image is a Meteor, Satellite or a Plane and which ones you might want to keep in your images! And for those that you don’t want in your images, here is a quick Lightroom and Photoshop trick to get rid of the unwanted lines! …

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Gear Time Live 11: Lighting, Studio Lighting & Flashes | Gear Time Live Every Thursday at 1pm MT

Kirk Keyes Gear Time, Tutorial, Vlog

Drew and Brendon show what we use for lighting Macro, Portrait, Studio and Milky Way Foregrounds! Join us to learn all about the crazy world of lighting your scene and what gear you could consider for using in your Macro Photography, Portrait Photography, Studio Product Photography, or out with the Milky Way! Gear Time Live Join us at 1pm Mountain …

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Gear Time Live 10: Winter Wear – Heavy Coats, Pants-Trousers & Hats | Last Gear Time Live of 2018 | Gear Time Live Every Thursday at 1pm MT

Kirk Keyes Gear Time, Tutorial, Vlog

Join Drew and Brendon and get ready for your Holiday break photography outings with WARM and SAFE outer winter wear! Let’s get as much as we can out of this winter and keep getting out there! Winter Wear Learn about winter wear as we discuss heavy coats, pants (trousers for those in the UK) and hats as well as regular …

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Gear Time Live 9: Network Attached Storage Drobo & Peak Design Capture Clips | Gear Time Live Every Thursday at 1pm MT

Kirk Keyes Gear Time, Tutorial, Vlog

Join Drew and Brendon and learn about Network Attached Storage options like Drobo! Then they go over really great Peak Design Capture Clips. These are so convenient for the Adventure photographer that is capturing on the go and needs to swap out lenses quickly! Drobo and Network Attached Storage (NAS) Drew brings in several of his Drobo Storage Solutions and …