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The Best of the Best – Our Most Popular Website, Podcast, and Video Content We’ve made some really popular content since we started Photog Adventures. But some are on the Photog Adventures YouTube Channel, some are on our Photog Adventures Podcast, some are on our Photog Adventures Facebook page, and others are pages here on our Photog Adventure Website. So …

Live with Ian Norman

PODCAST 86: Ian Norman | Mt. Whitney Milky Way Photography & LIVE Q&A with the Facebook Page Followers!

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for our Todays topics – LIVE with Ian Norman of Lonely Speck!! Ian is one of our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Milky Way Master Gurus and the creator of and many popular YouTube tutorials helping us all be better in our Milky Way Photography! In this episode we start with talking about Ian’s hike up Mt. Whitney and doing Milky Way Photography on his way …