Pt 2: Lewis Lighthouse Sunrise on the Isle of Lewis/Harris in Scotland | Landscape Photography | James Kelly

Pt 2: Lewis Lighthouse Sunrise on the Isle of Lewis/Harris in Scotland | Landscape Photography | James Kelly

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James Kelly continues his Photog Adventures UK Landscape Photography Adventure from the Isle of Lewis & Harris in Scotland. The Ilse of Lewis is a place James has been wanting to go to for a very long time! On Day Three with his friend Bob, they return to catch a Butt of Lewis Lighthouse sunrise.

The Ilse of Lewis is the largest island of the Western Isles or Outer Hebrides archipelago in Scotland. Despite being parts of the same island, the Isle of Lewis and Harris are often referred to as if they are separate islands. Lewis is the lower laying part while Harris is more mountainous.

Lewis Lighthouse Sunrise

James starts out this episode from their home base at the Port of Ness. Returning to the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse for sunrise, they framed the sun behind the lighthouse. Thinking ahead for after the sun rises, they pick second shooting locations atop the cliffs high above the sea. The rain clouds from the previous day have cleared, leaving a great sky with a thin layer of cloud along the eastern horizon. James brackets at 3-stop intervals to record the detains in the dark rocks which are in shade after the sun rises.

After sunrise, James turns the camera away from the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse and shoots the amazingly rugged cliffs behind him. The sun has now cleared the horizon and the warm dawn light shines all the way to the base of the cliffs. The golden hour light looks great on the crashing waves at the base of the cliffs. The warm tones from the wave splashes make a great contrast to the cool, blue water in the sea.

More Isle of Lewis and Harris In Part 3

Check back for Part 3 when James leaves the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse on the northern end of the Isle of Lewis and heads to the beaches of the Isle of Harris. But first some Stornoway Black Pudding!

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