2-on-1 Workshop


Ever wanted to go out on a Photog Adventure with Brendon & Aaron? Ever thought that a full workshop would be worse than having their full attention and a chance to hang out with JUST them? Well sign up for a 2-on-1 and let’s hit up an awesome spot for Milky Way or Landscape Photography and have a blast out there! See Details below



Destinations are not limited to Utah but you will need special consideration for any place OUTSIDE of Utah. Please contact us if you would like to go anywhere outside of Utah.

When you buy a 2-on-1 workshop, we will work with you on where you would like to go and make sure we are permitted to teach a workshop in that area and plan to either meet you there or pick you up at the airport and drive out with you to the destination of your choice! This is an opportunity to have a fun time learning on site and with the real challenges you are faced with in landscape and Milky Way Photography while having Aaron and Brendon there to help you get a portfolio worthy shot, find the location that is beautiful and make the most of your time out there!

We are excited to have these but we won’t be able to do too many of them, so sign up while we are still free to offer these!

Keep in mind that the Milky Way season is between March 1st and Nov 1st. The small windows around those dates are not good enough to pay for a Milky Way Photography night. So if you wanted to visit between Nov through February we will want to do Landscape Photography or Star Trails/Constellations/Deep Sky Photography.