PODCAST: Two ways to go Full-Time in Photography with Jordan Younce | Ep 42

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Today’s episode is not a normal episode. It is about inspiration. Many of us as we discover our love of photography dream about that day when your entire job is playing with a camera all day! But how can we do that? We are Landscape Photographers. We are Milky Way Photographers. So how are we going to win the photography lottery and make money doing those?

You probably won’t. You are probably like me and Brendon and will need to find a revenue stream that will support your lifestyle of going out doing your favorite type of photography and allow you freedom to travel with your camera at any time during the day.

PictureMonk Jordan Younce joins us to reveal the two things he is doing to earn his paycheck: Sleeklens.com content creation and Real-Estate Photography.

Sleeklens.com Discount Code – Jordan10

Contact Jordan at sleeklens.com for inquiries about working with SleekLens.

Lightroom Presets
Out of the Shadows (HDR and Landscape Presets) – sleeklens.com/product/hdr-lightroom-presets/
Superior Interior (Real Estate) – sleeklens.com/product/interior-lightroom-presets/
Above the Clouds (Drone and Aerial) – sleeklens.com/product/aerial-photography-presets/
Chasing Light – sleeklens.com/product/chasing-light-workflow/

Free Presets and Photoshop Actions

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