PODCAST: Milky Way Photography out in Escalante National Monument | Ep 36

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We spend Memorial Day Weekend out at the Grand Staircase – Escalante area and experience crazy dust, beautiful clear night skies, terribly annoying washboard dirt roads, actually visible but partial Aurora and get lost walking in a straight path. All with our buddy and guide Jeff Pedersen.

Astrophotography is usually a challenge, but out at Escalante there are photogenic setting on top of photogenic setting making the only difficulty waiting until the next nightfall so you can start capturing images again. What a beautiful place for Milky Way Photography.

Sorry for the delay, the audio quality and the shortened Gear Time. We intended gear time to talk up the contest that would have been ending two days after the podcast was released but audio quality delays and flooding at Aaron’s house delayed the podcast edit. Sorry all!

Awesome watch Garmin Fenix 3: amzn.to/2re6h1G

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