PODCAST: Live Listener Q&A with PhotoPills’ Rafael “The Bard” Pons | Ep 37

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Rafael “The Bard” Pons joins us on the podcast & LIVE on YouTube to answer listener questions about the PhotoPills app. A MUCH DIFFERENT podcast than the usual as we take listener questions live and in my edit I skip over the questions. Most likely better as a video, see the live uncut presentation here: youtu.be/n0VUDOB9F8c

With listener questions and our own, we learn many previously unknown shortcuts where a single tap or double tap can lead you more quickly to the next astronomical milestone. Rafael also explains to us how to use the Search tool from the bottom bar of the planner, what the column of blue bars are next to the circled Milky Way image on the Planner, how to best plan for Golden Hour light, how to be certain you won’t be in the shadow of terrain and many other tips.

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