Podcast 89 | Tales from the Goblin Valley Workshop as Told by the Participants

Podcast 89 | Tales from the Goblin Valley Workshop as Told by the Participants

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On the final day of our last Milky Way Workshop of the year, the Goblin Valley Workshop, we are joined by our really fun group on the podcast to tell the stories from the 5 days we spent together. From our challenges with the rampant wildfires ravaging the west, to the really disappointing cloudy skies we survived one of the most skunked workshop weeks we have every experienced and hopefully will EVER experience.

Today’s Guests –

Tim Elliot
John Williams
Jeff Martyka – JeffMartyka.com
Chuck Edwards

Tim, John, and Jeff are members of the Lake County Camera Club near Chicago, IL.

August Weather

One lesson learned is that August is Monsoon Season in Utah, and means you should be flexible when planning your photography trips.

Gear Time

Jeff recommends bringing a 10mm rectilinear lens like his Voightländer Heliar-Hyper Wide 10mm, f/5.6. It’s not a fish-eye, but has a normal, super-wide view. It has such a wide field of view and a huge depth of field that you can put it right up next to really small things and make them look massive. He put his camera into these little holes that can be found in the sandstone walls and then aimed his camera at the sun and it looked like he was shooting from inside a giant cavern. It’s like instant magic for your photography!
Jeff also recommended yellow-tinted driving glasses.
John recommended not only a Giottos Rocket Blower, he liked a Pentax-Ricoh sensor cleaner. He also uses an illuminated sensor loupe to see the dust on your sensor.

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