PODCAST 58: Late Season Milky Way Photography over Sand Dunes

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We go out with Daniel Lindhardt for some late season Milky Way Photography over the Sand Dunes of the Little Sahara here in Utah. Looking forward to enjoying the peace and quiet of cold October temperatures out at the Sand Dunes but instead we find that there are hordes of people out there! We talk about the challenges of lighting the dunes with only one light, staying safe amidst all those Can-Am and ATVs flying all over the place and difficulty with composition over light polluted spots and the 1-hour visible only Milky Way Core.


We have optimism this light will work great but until we give it some real tests we can’t recommend it.

#LPA Listener Photog Adventure

Zeralda La Grange

Awesome shot from new friend Zeralda, one of our newest Patrons over on our Patreon page, and she shared this image with us and we had to include it today! Such a great shot with awesome timing of these cranes. I love it. While it would be moody to have only ONE crane – the flying one – in the shot, I love how the other cranes give context to the scene and it is just such an interested contrast to the background of those gray trees. Really really cool. Awesome work, Zeralda!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my photo. I truly appreciate it. It is always nice to have your work recognized especially when it’s recognized by others who you yourself admire.
    I was fortunate to have this photo featured in the June issue of Outdoor Photographer in the behind the shot if anyone is interested in learning a little more about it.
    Thank you Aaron and Brendon!!
    I’m really enjoying all of y’all work and endeavors. The passion y’all have for the art of photography is contagious!

    1. Post

      Thank you for all your kind words, Zeralda! We loved the image so it was easy to feature and we are just crazy flattered you are enjoying our Podcast and YouTube channel! Thanks for joining us here! 😀 -Aaron

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