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What are your Milky Way Photography weak points?

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Have any weak points in your Milky Way Photography?

What are your weak points in Milky Way Photography? Do you find that you have a hard time keeping focus? Do you tend to underexpose your Milky Way? Are your images boring? What are your weak points in Milky Way Photography? Many YouTube videos target our weak areas and teach us that because of a poor focus technique we are losing sharpness in our images. Or because we have no idea what makes a good composition our images are turning out boring. So that makes YouTube a strong resource for strenghthening our weaknesses.

Please fill out this survey and help us know what everyone needs more of in our Astro Photog YouTube Tutorials so you can start strengthening your weaknesses.


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  1. I have just recently started photographing the Milky Way, I feel like I under expose the image to often, but if I turn the ISO up to high I am plagued with noise. There is so much information out there on capturing the Milky Way and the night sky, much of it I’m learning is not accurate. I just love photography and am fascinated by the night sky. I would love to learn how to capture it.

    1. Heya Mika!

      Sorry for the delay with the Eclipse and then a project in Southern Utah I was away from my computer for over a week.

      The noise will depend on your camera. Sometimes it is just terrible and other times it is just minor noise that most people won’t even notice. I like to treat the exposure of the Milky Way first and not worry about noise. But that is my personal preference. If I were you, I would work on my exposure of the Milky Way until I have the correct histogram. If you don’t know the correct histogram, check out this Live Webinar I did a few weeks back: https://youtu.be/ELMmKfIOFbQ

      If you properly expose the Milky Way and find that you just can’t stand the noise in your shots you have THREE great options to solve your noise issues:

      1. Take a Panorama. The Panorama will stitch together your images to become one crazy large megapixel shot! When it is that huge, the noise you would see in a single frame is hard to notice because now you have 6+ frames stitched together and hiding the finest of details.
      2. Stack. If you hate the noise still, you can take multiple shots of each frame. If you do a panorama or just stick with a single image, you just need to capture 5-7 images of the same shot so you can stack them in post and remove lots of noise that way! A great PC option for stacking is Sequator and the best option is for Macs which is Starry Landscape Stacker.
      3. Last option, use Lightroom, Photoshop or my preference the Nik Collection’s Define to have a software program smooth out the noise for you. Problem with these is that it makes the image looked smeared sometimes and I don’t love it personally.

      Definitely a lot of options to fix the noise, so make sure you have that properly exposed Milky Way first and then work on the noise if you find that you don’t like the image otherwise. Me personally, I have a little noise in my shots and I don’t mind it one bit. 😀 Thanks for commenting, Mika! Sorry again for my delay in responding! -Aaron

  2. Mika, you really should take advantage of a Skype call with these guys. I did… They will look over your shoulder and process your photo with you… Or better yet. Take advantage of a workshop with them in Southern Utah. These guys LIVE out there and know the area like no other. And their workshops are super inexpensive relative to some of the instructors out there.

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