Learn Star Tracked Milky Way Post-Processing from MaryBeth Kiczenski

Master Milky Way Post-Processing of Star Trackers

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MaryBeth Kiczenski is sharing her tips and secrets for how she edits her Star Tracked Milky Way Images! Would you like to have those secrets to help you master Milky Way post-processing?

Due to the high demand for learning Star Tracked Milky Way Post-Processing, MaryBeth and I teamed up to create the Star Tracked Milky Way Post-Processing Crash Course! The course is designed to firstly, teach MaryBeth’s method for editing Star Tracked Milky Way Photography in Adobe Photoshop. Secondly, help you learn her secrets and tips. Lastly, help you master a specific skill in Adobe Photoshop! Then! After all the online content teaches you, we will have a grand finale as a class where you will join MaryBeth Kiczenski and Aaron King in a LIVE ZOOM CLASS on January 22nd!


This is an Online Course that comes with extra HAND-HOLDING STEPS! Hand-holding steps that will help me know how well you are doing in the course.

If you have any trouble, I will know it and am I am ready to help you 1-on-1!

Because of the extra hand-holding, you will leave this crash course successful! Successful because you are someone who has MASTERED Star Tracked Milky Way Post-Processing in Adobe Photoshop! Whether you have any experience already with Photoshop, YOU WILL LEARN HOW to edit Star Tracked Milky Way Images with it!


  • Instant Access to Online Course Instruction of MaryBeth taking you through the entire editing process. Before we have the live event, you will go through her Online Instruction showing you how to edit in her method using IMAGE #1. ​
  • Step-by-step PDF so you can follow this process easily and repeat this in your own images over and over. ​THREE Images to Practice on so that you not only KNOW WHAT THE STEPS ARE but can SHOW THAT YOU KNOW HOW to do it by actually making edits to her images!
  • ​1-on-1 Feedback from Aaron King on your edit of IMAGE #1. You will get the RAW files of THREE IMAGES from MaryBeth Kiczenski that she will use in her instruction. Because you practice using her images, we will be able to see how well you understand her process by comparing your edits to hers. ​
  • 5.5 Hour Live Zoom Class on January 22nd to teach you the principles of EACH STEP of the editing process. Because you are able to interrupt MaryBeth’s instruction and ask the questions you have been needing to ask while she instructs, we will be able to make sure that each and EVERY ONE OF YOU will go away from Jan. 22nd fully understanding this process.
  • Online LIFETIME access to replays of all instruction so you can watch again and again as needed to fully master Star Tracked Milky Way Post-Processing!


3pm – 4pm | Review STUDENT IMAGES
4pm – 6pm | MaryBeth walks through all post-processing steps editing IMAGE #3
6pm to 7:30pm | DINNER BREAK & Work on IMAGE #3 on your own
7:30pm – 8pm | MaryBeth & Aaron Review some of the finished IMAGE #3
8pm – 9pm | FINAL Q&A
9pm – 10pm | Lesson emphasizing blending the SKY with the GROUND

Schedule for LIVE EVENT DAY on January 22nd, 2022