Listener Adventure

Next Listener Adventure is Landscape Photography along the Oregon Coastline!

  • WHERE: Landscape Photography Along the Famous Oregon Coast
  • WHEN: Sunrise and Sunset from the 5th through 10th
  • WHO: Beginners and Veterans. Easy drive to locations along with places to eat and lodging to pay for. No camping or hiking.
  • TYPE OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Sunrise and sunsets of ocean coastline with beautiful, iconic sea stacks.

Several times a year when Brendon and I go out to new places, familiar places or just really too amazing of places to NOT share with you guys, we will have a LISTENER ADVENTURE to encourage you guys to join us out there! Sometimes it is a place we have been many times and can help you get the best shot! But other times it might be our first time out there and we can figure out as newbs together!
Listener Adventures will ALWAYS be free to participate in! The only cost to you is just getting there and any food you will need to bring or buy while you are out!
Bandon, Oregon Milky Way image by Brendon Porter