January 2019 Photog Favorite Contest Winner - Jeffrey Anderson

Jeff Anderson | Winner of January’s Photog Favorite Contest with his amazing Oregon Waterfall image!

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Winner Jeff Anderson!

Follow Jeffrey Andersons work here at his Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/upperleft_jeff/

While chatting to the viewers during the Live Stream of Monday Moment of Envy – video linked below – Jeff explained why he cropped the image the way he did. He also told us what he loved about all the elements from top to bottom that he included in his image.

 I wanted to make sure to add the fog in the trees at the top. Continuation of the moisture. 
– Jeff Anderson

Participants of the live stream weren’t shy about saying they were very fond of the image too!

LOVE THIS PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Marybeth Kiczenski

Love the atmosphere!
-Chris Whiting

Watch the Monday Moment of Envy episode about Jeff’s image here:

“Photog Favorite” is a Monthly Contest for Patrons

Every Month we feature images from our Patrons who support Photog Adventures through Patreon.com/PhotogAdventures.  We choose our FAVORITE IMAGE to feature, brag about and encourage people to know this photographer and follow their work!

The month of January the theme was “Best of 2018.” Patrons submitted one image of theirs they considered their best of 2018.

Judged Live On Facebook!

Then on Facebook Brendon and I go through all the images and do a typical Monday Moment of Envy feature on each image. Some Photog Favorite episodes we have even had other members of Photog Adventures join us in the judging of the images.

Watch January’s episode here:

After going through all submissions, it was really tough to pick the winner of 6 amazing images. We have three honorable mentions that we will feature on Monday Moment of Envy for the next three Mondays. So stay tuned to our Facebook Page every Monday at 1pm Mountain Time to see those honorable mention images!

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