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Gear Time Live 2 : Learn about the crazy Laowa 24mm Relay Macro Lens

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Drew Armstrong and Brendon Porter check out the Laowa 24mm Relay Macro lens on todays Gear Time Live. Next up Drew demonstrates the VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly Sensor Brush. Finally, they take a listener question about the Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM for astrophotography.

The Crazy Laowa 24mm Relay Macro Lens

We open up Drew’s latest gadget, the Loawa 24mm Relay Macro Lens. This one cool lens – not only is it a macro, but it’s a snorkel lens. That means the end of the lens extends out from the body of the lens. That means you can get the lens into really tight spots that a regular lens can’t get in. In addition to the snorkel end, it’s waterproof, so you can put the lens into water. And if that’s not enough, the end of the lens is surrounded by super bright LEDs. The brightness of the LEDs is controlled by a switch on the power cord and connects to a USB power supply. The lens is available in most popular camera mounts.

This lens opens up an entire world of shooting in tidepools, lakes, or rivers. You can get right down into the water and explore the environment in there. Drew plans to try that out on the upcoming 2018 Oregon Listener Adventure next month. Check back to see what he thinks.

VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly Sensor Brush

One issue with interchangeable lens cameras is that they will collect dust on the sensor. Mirrorless cameras are worse since the sensor is exposed when changing lenses, but both DSLR and Mirrorless will collect dust. You can send your camera in to get cleaned professionally, but that means you are without your camera for several days and you’ll spend $50+ each time. It is possible to wet clean the sensor yourself, but it often takes several swabs and that gets costly as well. Or you can ignore the dust, and spend time spotting them out of your photos.

But there’s a better way – the VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly Sensor Brush. The Artic Butterfly brush has special bristles that build a static charge when they are shaken or spun by the motor. You take the brush and wipe it across the sensor and the dust will stick to the brush. Then spin the brush to fling off any collected dust. You may still need to wet clean to get grime off, but for most dust, this works great!

The VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly Sensor Brush comes in three form factors – one with no motor, one with a motor, and one with a motor and super bright LEDs.

Listener Question:

Gordon asks if Drew has used the Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM for astro?

Yes! Drew loves this lens. Bredon was impressed as well by Drew’s results. Below is a shot that Drew took with his Sony a7rIII at the Hoodoos at Devil’s Garden in the Escalante, Utah. You can see more at

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