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Today on Gear Time Live, Brendon and Drew talk about the DJI Inspire 2 vs Mavic Pro 2.

Drones and More!

One of these drones costs much less and is much more portable than the other, but how do they compare? The DJI Inspire 2 is one of the best Professional drones on the market. But you may be happier with the DJI Mavic Pro 2. Let’s see how they compare!

Red Canyon by Air

Drew’s Recent Drone Footage of Red Canyon:…

Drew’s Tips for Flying Drones

For the most part, these are directed towards first time DJI drone owners but they likely can be applied to operators of any drone.

1. Put your drone up at 100 feet before you do ANYTHING if you are new. Get used to the controls up where there is nothing to hit. Then to begin with use Return to Home to land.

2. Make sure to set your return to home altitude to the right altitude for the flight you are making every time. You don’t want to return to home through a wall or trees or a mountainside.

3. Birds cannot fly straight up. You can… If they are coming towards you just go straight up about 10 feet when they get kinda close.

4. Once you have a handle on it… (Make sure you know how to calibrate the compass, and the IMU (calibrate the IMU in a cold garage) then go to a wide open area… and learn to fly in ATTI just in case… There are rare times when the GPS does not work… or will unhook… You need to know how to use ATTI.

5. In the same open area, learn the auto modes… Orbits are very handy.

6. Do not put too much faith in following and obstacle avoidance. DON’T fly inside. And if you do, make sure you have the GPS off, the return to home set to hover (loss of signal) and the bottom sensors on… Especially… don’t fly inside at night (when it is dark) or in an area where there is not a pattern with contrast on the floor. The camera on the bottom of the drone positions the drone and if it cannot see any contrast it will not hold. (In a large concrete floored convention hall for example.)

Fly with Mode 2 Only

7. Learn in Mode 2… DON’T remap your sticks. ALL drones are Mode 2. It is just time to tackle it and learn.

8. Once you are comfortable with this stuff… Litchi offers some really cool intelligent flight modes that Go4 does not have.

9. Do not learn to use start up or shut down by moving the sticks down and to the center. You do not want that muscle memory in your fingers. Trust me.

Super Important Tip – Get an “FAA” Vest!

10. Buy a yellow vest. Use it when you fly. It is an invisibility cloak. Everyone will ignore you.

11. When you get experienced enough to where you want to try a landing yourself rather than using autoland… This should take about a week of flying a couple of times a day… Fly it down to where you’re relatively close and then turn the drone back to where the camera is not facing towards you but directly away from you. This will simplify the controls. The right will be right, left will be left.

12. Even if you are not going to get your part 107 license, presuming that you are in the US. Watching Tony Northrup with Northrup Photography’s Part 107 test prep video would be very smart for you.

13. Obey FAA rules. DO NOT FLY OVER PEOPLE, Keep the drone in your line of sight, do not fly more than 400 feet Above Ground Level, do not fly at night, do not fly nearby airports (See the next point)

14. In the US download the B4UFly app from the FAA. Learn to check for sensitive areas before you fly. If you are a hobbyist, for the MOMENT (this will soon change as the FAA are coming up with new regulations for hobby fliers) you simply need to let any airports you are within 5 miles of know where and when you are going to fly. Make sure you talk to the TOWER or dispatcher if it is a helipad. This will help you understand this. How Can Drone Pilots Fly within Five Miles of an Airport? – UAV Coach

15. Make sure you register your drone with the FAA. Understand that local law enforcement is empowered to ask to see this registration number on your drone as per FAA Regulations AFTER your flight ends. This will help. Getting Started

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