PODCAST 98 : Brent Bergherm | Owning a rental business, Travel Photography in Croatia & Photo Stories

PODCAST 98: Brent Bergherm | Owning a rental business, Travel Photography in Croatia & Photo Stories

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Brent Bregherm is is a University Professor and professional photographer. The tells us of the ups and downs with his recently closed Lens Rental company, BrentsRentsLenses.com. He discusses his upcoming workshops for 2019 that will take you to amazing travel locations, like Croatia. We’ve EASILY added it to our bucket list of locations after hearing about them. Then we round the episode out hearing some photography adventure stories from Brent’s past that will make you weep!

Today’s Guest – Brent Bergherm

You can follow Brent Bergherm from his website BrentBergherm.com or on the Latitude Photography Podcast, one of the fantastic podcasts on the Master Photography Podcast Network!

Brent’s University experience

Wanting to do Photography full time? Brent did several part-time photography jobs from his student days at an university up until he became a professor. He talks about what worked and what didn’t, about contracting with the university as a photographer, and why going Freelance was far better.


Brent discusses the challenges of owning a Rental company. Then Brent goes into some great detail about some scary moments in the business. Then why he needed to move on from the business and close it down in order to further his hopes of getting into photography full time.

Brent is going to focus more on his educational talents. He is going to do more education online courses where he can focus his talents on something he loves.

Brent gives advice for photographers looking to do a photography business. He suggests pushing and working hard to make money before you quit your day job, find new connections with other people, and even focus your energy on making a natural and new connection every week.

Travel Photography & Workshops in Croatia

Brent tells us about amazing places like Dubrovnik, Split and Plitvice! From beautiful history unscathed old cities to amazingly robust and green waterfalls of Plitvice that fall then pool up and fall again over and over!

Join Brent out in Croatia in 2019: https://brentbergherm.com/workshops/croatia-2019/

Total Solar Eclipse in Chile in 2019

Brent is also leading a workshop to the Total Solar Eclipse in 2019 out in Chile and then to top it off they go to Easter Island to finish it off! Join him here: https://brentbergherm.com/workshops/chile-2019/

Brent’s Photography Tales of Woe and Success

Out in Ireland in the early 2000s Brent and his wife were channeling their Galen Rowell when a Rainbow appeared over the Hore Abbey.

Then Brent talks about seeing a landmark from a different angle and creating your interest in a shot using something that we often not only overlook but look down upon when doing travel photography.

S.A. Chile, La Serena. A group of startled pigeons suddenly takes off after being startled. Plaza de Armas.

Doves ascend at Albert Hall.

Upcoming Milky Way Workshops

Join us for our Milky Way Workshops in 2019! 
Goblin Valley Workshops
Escalante Workshops
Bandon, OR / Crater Lake Workshops

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