Podcast 93: Four Days of Landscape Photography in Iceland

PODCAST 93: Four Days of Landscape Photography in Iceland

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A Scouting Trip for Four Days of Landscape Photography in Iceland – another amazing land that is WAY too full of tourists. On our way back from the Faroe Islands, we spend four full days in Iceland trying to get the most Landscape Photography we can. We chose Diamond Beach, the Icebergs of Jokulsarlon Lagoon & Kirkjufellvoss as our main destination points. We quickly discover that the tourists suck out most of the fun but highlights like Diamond Beach, glaciers, the amazing views on the road trip and the Kirkjufell area make up for this hasty scouting trip through the world’s most mecca-like destination for Landscape Photographers.

Let’s start with some Travel Tips

Pay attention to your flight to Iceland. Make sure you are arriving at Keflavik if you do a car rental FROM Keflavik.  Plan on spending much more than you budget for food in Iceland, especially Reykjavik as it is really expensive.


Food in Icelands especially Reykjavik is really expensive so plan on spending much more than you budget. For instance, a bowl of Pho can normally cost $10 in the USA, but in Reykjavik it goes for $20! If you are looking for a great meal option that is very Icelandic there is the Lamb Soup in a bread bowl at Icelandic Street Food and it is really really worth it! Rated high at 4.8 even after 858 reviews!


On the way to Jokulsarlon Lagoon we pass by these incredible fields of green covered lava rock!

Photography in Iceland

Diamond Beach

The Jokulsarlon Lagoon is amazing! Between the Icebergs, the giant glacier, and the ice that has been shaped and spat out on the beach, the place is a Landscape Photography haven were it not so incredibly filled with tourists! Photography in Iceland is definitely amazing. But those peaceful images you see of the ice on the beach make you feel like you would have to go to an isolated place to find the blue ice washed ashore but instead you are not alone. From before sunrise to sunset the place is PACKED with tourists and photographers!

Thankfully the ice leaves you in awe and makes up for the lack of privacy!


Blue Lagoon

On the last day there while just waiting for my flight, we visited the Blue Lagoon. It is VERY striking seeing the blue water with the white against the blacks of the lava rock! It is a very awesome place that will be fun to spend the $100 next time and get in there! 😀

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