PODCAST 90: Clarence Spencer | Talking Astro-Modded Cameras for Milky Way Photography

PODCAST 90: Clarence Spencer | Talking Astro-Modded Cameras for Milky Way Photography

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Today we talk about Astro-Modded Cameras with Clarence Spencer!

Today’s Guest –

Clarence Spencer of Spenser’s Camera & Photo, Alpine, Utah.

Astro-Modified Cameras

Do you want more color in your Milky Way Photographs? Then use an astro-modified camera!

Clarence Spencer is in our studio to talk with us about astro-modded cameras. First he covers Full Spectrum, Infra-red, and Visible+Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha or Hα) Filter modified cameras. Then he discusses the benefits of each of these modifications. He covers all the options for both Astrophotography and Landscape Photography. He also points out that the Full Spectrum conversion actually lets your camera capture more light than a non-converted camera.

Modded Camera Options

Clarence tells us about how we can even get our cameras modded. If you have an older camera sitting around that you can’t bring yourself to sell, then this is a great way to bring it new life! Visit Spenser’s Camera & Photo to see which cameras they recommend for Astrophotography and Nightscape conversion.

Spencer’s removes the Low-Pass filter that is sitting in front of the camera sensor. Once this is done, there are several options available at this point. You can install clear glass that gives a “Full Spectrum”. Or a Visible + H-Alpha filter that gives extended red response that helps interstellar nebula photograph better. They can also do an Infrared conversion. Spencer’s can also install a “Heat Reduction” system to keep your sensor cooler.

Clarence discusses the use of Infra-red and “Hot” filters. He also covers how Spencer’s calibrates your camera’s focusing system after the conversion.

For white balancing a modded camera, Clarence recommends using your camera’s Auto White Balance function with a grey card or an ExpoDisk.. The camera can make a more accurate white balance than you can by changing the camera Color Temp setting. Your camera can make changes to the Tint setting as well using the Auto White Balance function.

Clarence then address concerns about “star-bloat” with astro-modded cameras. He reassures us there isn’t an issue!

Check out the Photos!

We spend much of this episode looking at photos that were taken with astro-modified cameras. Clarence even has photos taken through telescopes. So this is an episode where you really need to watch the video version to get the most benefit. The podcast audio is identical to the video. But with the podcast you miss out on seeing all the amazing photos Clarence brings.

$25 Discount at Spencer’s Camera & Photo

Clarence has graciously offered listeners of this podcast a $25 discount towards getting your camera modded at Spencer’s Camera and Photo.  To get $25 off your camera modification, use the discount code:  “Adventure25”. Visit Spenser’s Camera & Photo to redeem your discount.

Here’s a link to the video:

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