PODCAST 88 : Escalante Slot Canyons & a Drone-Assisted Family Rescue!

PODCAST 88 : Escalante Slot Canyons & a Drone-Assisted Family Rescue!

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Our guest is Drew Armstrong who went with Brendon to explore the Escalante Slot Canyons. They had two nights of Milky Way Photography and Landscape Photography in the Peek-a-boo and Spooky Slot Canyons and Devils Garden.  Then a family gets split up and lost and Drew gets his drone and with our new friend, the human mountain goat, Hartely, they do a drone-assisted family rescue!

Today’s Guest –

Drew Armstrong
See Drew’s Portfolio here: DrewArmstrong.com
Drew’s Escalante Images: https://goo.gl/oTT3UF

Low Level Lighting – Can there be too much of a good thing?

Aaron begins the podcast by discussing Earthgrazers and the Radiant of the Perseids and then he hands off the mic to Brendon to run the podcast. Brendon and Drew recount their adventures on their way to Escalante. Then they discuss the challenges of having too many lights for low level lighting an area.  And Drew gives his first impression the Devil’s Garden and Dance Hall Rock and how much he absolutely loved it!

Exploring Escalante Slot Canyons

For the first time, Brendon takes Photog Adventures through the Slot Canyons of the Escalante. Drew and Brendon explore both Spooky Gulch and Peek-a-Boo Slot. They share their first impressions of the drive there and the challenges of hiking the area.  Their adventure in Escalante remind us how the roads change there all the time! They go from uncomfortable to dangerous throughout the year.  Also being out in Escalante at this time of year means you need to have as much water as possible! They definitely brought too much gear along with them on these hikes. Aaron gets jealous as they describe the many arches down there. They even found a spot in the Escalante Slot Canyons that would be just amazing for a vertical Milky Way that we definitely have to do before the season is over!

Our Drone-Assisted Family Rescue

And now, the story of our drone-assisted family rescue! So after all the waxing poetic and romantic about the amazement of the experience, they tell the harrowing story of a frantic mother with two little kids who approached them as they are leaving the canyon. This mother had split up from her parents and older daughter while trying to find a way out of the canyon with her two little kids. But now her parents and daughter had not made it up yet! It had been three hours since they ran out of water and this woman was scared for the real possibility of losing her family to the elements!

Between Drew’s Drone and the experience of “Mountain Goat” Hartely, the guys are able to locate the missing half of the family and give Hartley the exact position to go find this family to rescue them and help them out safely.

This description doesn’t do the story justice – listen to the podcast. This story makes you excited to be a part of humanity hearing how everyone grouped their talents together to rescue this family.

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