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PODCAST 87: James Kelly | Landscape Photography in the Faroe Islands & a Piano Metaphor for Photography

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James Kelly of Photog Adventures UK and the Photographer’s Craic Podcast joins us on the podcast today. He talks about his recent adventures out in the Faroe Islands and get us all excited again about going to the Faroe Islands. We discuss our upcoming 7-Day Faroe Islands Workshop in September 10th to 17th, 2018, and even some of you lucky ones who will joining us. Learn more about our 7-Day Faroe Islands Workshop. We finish the show talking about a great piano metaphor for choosing what we photograph.

Today’s Guest –

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See James’ images and Wedding Photography here: https://jameskellyphotography.com/

James Kelly talks with us about shooting the Faroe Islands.

This podcast was also LIVE on our Facebook page when we recorded this. Watch the LIVE STREAM here: https://goo.gl/3NdvUP

If you’ve never been to the Faroes or have never even heard of them, check out James website to seem an amazing set of photos and videos. After seeing them, you’ll want to go for yourself! When you do go, be respectful of the people and the land there. The Faroes are still undiscovered, and we don’t want the Faroes have the issues that Iceland is having. The Faroes are James’ second home so he knows these islands, and knows the people there so he can take you to locations that others don’t have access.

James talks about doing Wedding Photography in the Faroes. He talks about the challenges of the weather and the awesomeness of the terrain – if the bridezilla can handle it. If you’re interested in having your wedding photos taken by James in the Faroes, plan ahead as he’s booked about 2 years in advance!

He also talks about some of the great locations that are in the Faroes, and how epic the locations are.

The Piano Metaphor and Photography Philosophy

In the second half of the podcast we talk about a great Piano Metaphor for learning Photography. I won’t give it away now, but you should know that we shouldn’t feel ashamed of the photography choices we make as we are learning and even when we get good at our photography. Check out Franz Liszt’s amazing piece, La campanella (The little bell).

James Kelly shares his philosophies of composition, photography planning and how he gets the most out of his photography adventures. He also highly recommends printing your photos. “A photograph is not a photograph until it is printed.”

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