PODCAST 85: Royce Bair | Live Facebook Q&A with our favorite Milky Way Photography Master Guru!

PODCAST 85: Royce Bair | Live Facebook Q&A with our favorite Milky Way Photography Master Guru!

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We get a second opportunity this year to hang out with our favorite Milky Way Photography Master Guru Royce Bair along with all of you who could attend the LIVE Facebook Q&A!

Today’s Guest –

Royce Bair:

Live with Royce Bair

See the LIVE VIDEO STREAM REPLAY HERE: https://goo.gl/pX7hp6
It is always a privilege to talk Milky Way Photography with Royce Bair and this hangout was no different! First we hear about Royce’s recent trip to Palouse Falls in Washington and doing Milky Way Photography on the dangerous cliff edges there. Then Royce tells us about the challenges of dealing with multiple photographers in one location and doing Low-Level Lighting to share with all. Royce also updates us on the situation for Low-Level Lighting in National Parks by telling us which parks in the area are allowing Low-Level Lighting while still not allowing the old tradition of light painting.

Royce Answers our Questions

Then the Q&A starts with awesome fans on our Facebook Live Stream. We go over many topics ranging from best way to bring out the Milky Way core without looking overly processed to which camera body gives us the best, smoothest astro shots despite its low megapixel count. Hint – it is a Sony!
Royce takes some time to teach us his tips for handling stars between tree branches when doing star tracking or stacking photography, how working WITH the moon can be amazing for your photography, and reminds us about the Mars Opposition occurring right now.
Come join us and learn from the great man who brought us the eBook “Milky Way Nightscapes”. You can buy a copy for yourself here: https://goo.gl/9F9PPf

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