Photog Adventures Podcast Episode 81 Aerial Landscape Photography Cover Photo by Dan Bailey

PODCAST 81: Dan Bailey | Fujifilm Ambassador & True Adventure Aerial Photographer from Plane over Alaska

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We hang out with Adventure Photographer and Fujifilm Ambassador Dan Bailey. Dan flies his own airplane and he tells us about aerial landscape photography. In an extended 35-minute first segment, we get a passionate and convincing argument why we all should be using the Fuji camera system. Dan tells us what he did to become a Fujifilm ambassador and what makes him an “Adventure Photographer”. He ends with tales from his adventures out in Scotland at the Shetland Isles riding a bike through the landscape and capturing the whole experience with his Fuji camera on his back.

Flight and the Art of Aerial Landscape Photography

We find ourselves suffering from envy as we hear the incredible details of what it is like being a pilot and owning your own Cessna airplane in Alaska. Dan gets to take off in the afternoon and travel the skies like we travel country roads. He explains how amazing it is to fly around mountain peaks with his Fuji in one hand and controlling the plane with the other. Since Dan is the pilot, he is getting to control the scene by flying around until he gets the light and angles JUST right.

What an amazing thing to hear and what a terrible thing to hear. We spent the rest of the night daydreaming about owning our own plane someday.  Getting the chance to fly 45-minutes from home to an isolated glacier would be awesome. Then we could land and explore the terrain as easily as we could just drive down the street to a park and walk around with our cameras. Aerial landscape photography sounds amazing. Insane with jealousy is an understatement!

Tip of the Week / Gear Time

Dan offers us some great lessons that years of experience have taught him. He talks about his method of finding a composition which he calls “Seeing Geometrically”. He teaches us to get our best shot possible in action photography by anticipating the scene. And if any of you own or are considering getting into the Fuji system, Dan has a great comprehensive eBook on the Fuji X-Series cameras and he explains to us what we can learn from his 250+ page eBook!

In the very end, Dan exhorts us all to HAVE FUN in our Photography. Don’t be intimidated by the scene. You should be having a fun time while doing something creative. Get out there and have fun!

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