Royce Bair joins us in the studio and we get some pros and cons of both types of Milky Way Photography.

PODCAST 76: Royce Bair | Single Image Milky Way Photography vs. Star Tracking Milky Way Photography

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Has Star Tracking made Single Image Milky Way Photography just a waste of time? The answer is NO! Royce Bair joins us in the studio and we get some pros and cons of both types of Milky Way Photography. We hear from the Master Milky Way Photographer on how to best take advantage of our time out there under the stars to get the most out of our images whether or not you do any star tracking.

Today’s Guest –

Royce Bair:

Royce Bair’s Thoughts on Star Trackers

Royce was recently asked about his opinion on Star Tracker vs. Single Image techniques for astro and Milky Way photography. Well, he came on our podcast and tells us all about what he thinks on this debate. He talks about star trailing and how it affects astrophotos. And how he feels that a good, single exposure is still a valid approach.

Post-Processing Techniques

Royce shares with us some post-processing techniques he likes to use. First he talks about reducing noise in his single image photography using Nik Collections DFine. Then he discusses the small amount of effort a mini-stack takes to reduce noise. Royce says that stacking is the “poor man’s” version of star tracking but it’s one of his standard tools. He’s also a fan of Pano-Stacking – where he’ll shoot 5 frames for each part of the pano. But he’ll increase the ISO and decrease the exposure time. There’s just so much great advice on post-processing in this episode that it can’t all be listed in the notes!

Deciding which Techniques to Use

Later Royce talks about his use of an astro-modded camera and the benefits that gives. He tells us his rule of thumb he likes to follow when deciding what technique to use when shooting astrophotography. What properties dictate if an image should be taken as a Single, Stacked, Blended or Composite image. Along with that he gives his thoughts on the ethics of divulging whether someone used a composite to get an image they have shared or sold as a print.

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Royce has written an excellent eBook about shooting the Milky Way and night photography. We highly recommend getting and reading it. Milky Way Nightscapes eBook by Royce Bair

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