PODCAST 73: Last minute all-nighter to Royce Bair Milky Way Butte for our March Milky Way

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Needing a March Milky Way and some good stories for the podcast, we drive all-night to the Butte in Hanksville, Utah that Royce Bair told us about. This shot is best during an early season Milky Way so we made the sacrifice of getting out there Sunday night through Monday morning to try our luck at getting an awesome Milky Way Image like Royce Bair did last year.

In classic fashion, the only clouds in the 10% cloudy sky were hanging low on the horizon South East of us and covered our Milky Way core for most of the morning and then traveled towards us making a window of opportunity crazy slim.

Being forgetful these days, Aaron left his shoes and some REALLY important gear that may have ruined the morning more than the clouds did.


Brendon’s Image before the Clouds got too bad

Brendon’s timelapse combined to create a star trail. The crazy bright light is Jupiter.

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  1. Since I’ll be out there in May with you for the workshop, I’m thinking about other spots to shoot on nights I won’t be with you. Where is this one located? Besides outside of Hanksville.

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