PODCAST 69: Inspired & Tired our 13-mile hike to look for our lost Inspire 1 Drone at the Wedge Overlook

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Going out on a Saturday to the mini-Grand Canyon of Utah – the Wedge Overlook – for some fun location scouting and filming with the drone should be an easy going uneventful day. Well our trip with Daniel Lindhardt a couple Saturdays ago reminded us why some of you think of Photog Adventures as a Laurel and Hardy act or enjoy it because we are a couple of boneheaded photographers having a blast and you just enjoy our comedy of errors!

This Photog MISAdventure starts out with some fun driving through Buckhorn Wash enjoying the Petroglyphs and Pictographs of the Archaic and Fremont Indians in the Barrier Canyon Style panel. But soon it turns into the panicked realization that we just flew our drone out beyond our reach, well at least not without a long hike!

Come listen to how that 13-mile hike went and how the search turns out!


Tracker options:
Tile Mate: https://goo.gl/eY8ciC
TrackR Pixel: https://goo.gl/4A5bhV

Drone Tablet View of Last Position on Map:

Pathway Hiked around the Coordinate Searching:

Potential Pathway the Drone May Have Traveled after further investigation:

  • Blue lines are where we already walked
  • Orange line is up too high, angled a little more south and that is about right for the extended flight path of the drone
  • White Shape covers potential area for the drone to be

Nearly over Sunset we missed because Aaron thought it wouldn’t happen…so disappointed! Don’t be us!

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      Haha Dana! We actually seriously consider it! Our friend Drew has a drone that maybe we could use to do it. We would have already been back down there but it has snowed and rained a lot here in Utah recently and now we have to wait for the conditions to dry up a little so we can drive up the wash we talked about.

      We are seriously considering bringing a drone when we do, so we can cover all of our options out there. 😀

      Thanks for listening as always, Dana! -Aaron

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