PODCAST 68: Five days of Sunrises & Sunsets over Arches, Canyonlands, Deadhorse Point & False Kiva

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To start on 2018 really well, we joined Jeff Pedersen, Tim McGowen, Drew Armstrong & Kirk Keyes out in Moab to enjoy never sleeping and lots of Photography! We just missed Ed Shanahan out here, it was really too bad we missed him on this trip but he got an AMAZING sunrise at Mesa Arch that Monday. Jeff and Tim bragged about it allll week long as we never had that amazing of a sunrise at any location but some really great sunsets where the sky just blew up with pink afterglow!

We capture the Windows area in Arches National Park both for Landscape Photography and Milky Way Photography as well as Star Trails at Balanced Rock one night. Then Mesa Arch, Deadhorse Point and the Gossips for sunrises.

Other than being crazy sick with Bronchitis, it was an amazing trip!

See images and videos in the show notes at PhotogAdventures.com/ep68


Brendon’s Windows Sunset

Brendon’s Deadhorse Point

Brendon’s False Kiva Shot

Aaron Timelapses straight from Adobe Premiere with all the flickering

Brendon’s Star Trails pending:

Aaron at Mesa Arch reflecting in Puddle

Brendon Mesa Arch

Aaron’s Mesa Arch Pending

Tourist Video

Aaron’s Panorama iPhone Sunset

Aaron’s Windows Milky Way

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  1. HI Richard. My understanding is that the ban applies to light painting by Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) permit holders and their photography workshop groups and not to individuals or amateur photographers. We were not on a workshop and no light painting was done – we used low level lighting that was on a fixed tripod, not by waving a light around by hand.

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