PODCAST 64: Very long episode finishing our Oregon Coast trip talking Thor’s Well, Cape Kiwanda & Cannon Beach

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In this CRAZY EXTRA LONG EPISODE we cover our adventures from Sunrise out at famous Thor’s Well, awesome but frustrating sunset at Yaquina Head Lighthouse, great sunrise at Yaquina Bay Bridge, an AMAZING and highlight of the trip Sunset out at Cape Kiwanda and then an equally amazing sunrise out at Cannon Beach to finish out our trip along the Oregon Coast in November. We are joined by listeners John Henry Maurice and Kyle Kephart throughout this podcast and at times it happens suddenly. Despite my best efforts editing them in, some transitions will be sudden. Apologize for that and the length of this podcast but there is just too much good stuff to get stingy in episode 64!

1 hour and 26 mins into this podcast listen as Brendon finally reveals that he has possibly FOUND his lost memory card that carried thousands of images from his entire first half of the Oregon Coast trip!

Again thank you to all of you who joined Brendon and I on this Listener Adventure to the Oregon Coast! We really had a blast out there with listeners Drew Armstrong, Kirk Keyes, John Henry Maurice, Kyle Kephart and new friends Michael Shainblum and Serena Ho. Not going to be an adventure soon forgotten and definitely worth the extra long feature on the podcast. So many amazing places out in Oregon! If you haven’t been there yet, start planning to join us next year for the November Listener Adventure 2018!

Check out Drew’s photography at DrewArmstrong.com and Kirk’s at KeyesPhoto.com!

Follow Kyle Kephart on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/compellingimaging/ or follow his blog at http://www.compellingimaging.com/theblog/

Follow my Canon camera body cap guardian angel Casey Cooke on his photography adventures here:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caseycookephotography/
Website: http://caseycookephotography.com/

Follow Josh Riggs on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/joshriggsphotography/

Follow Rafa La Madrid on his instagram at https://www.instagram.com/rafatheperuvian/

Here is a link to the NRS Boundary socks: https://goo.gl/csk5Xc
Link to Drew’s NRS Zephyr Inflatable PFD fanny pack life-preserver: https://goo.gl/VtVa1a
GAIA GPS Maps: https://www.gaiagps.com/


Josh’s awesome foreground element at Cape Kiwanda:

John Henry Maurice’s Image from Cape Kiwanda from our Facebook Listener’s Group

John’s second Cape Kiwanda shot on his way back to Pelican House Grill

An example of one of the splashes that were constantly hitting Drew out at Thor’s Well

Aaron’s Snapseed version of his favorite Thor’s Well Image

Brendon’s Thor’s Well Image now rescued by that awesome lady from the Pelican House Grill!

One of Kyle’s Cannon Beach Images from up close

Kyle’s Cannon beach shot that we all have versions of

Drew’s better composition of the Cannon Beach Sunrise

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