PODCAST 63: Central Oregon Coast 2017 Part Two: Bandon, Shore Acres & Heceta Head Lighthouse at Night

PODCAST 63: Oregon 2017 Part Two: Bandon, Shore Acres & Heceta Head Lighthouse at Night

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Todays topic –

Part II of our Oregon Coast 2017 Listener Adventure.  This episode we visit the Central Oregon Coast at Bandon, Shore Acres State Park, and at the Heceta Head Lighthouse!

Today’s Guests –

Drew Armstrong – http://www.drewarmstrong.com
Kirk Keyes – http://www.keyesphoto.com
John Henry Maurice

Exploring the Central Oregon Coast

This trip had been fantastic but a day of rain moved us from Brookings, Oregon, up to Bandon. We hoped the skies would clear by sunrise the next day and boy did the skies change! So we first talk about working hard to take advantage of the gap in the cloudy skies at Face Rock State Park in Bandon. Midday we stopped at Shore Acres State Port near Coos Bay, on our way up to Heceta Head Lighthouse north of Florence, Oregon. Then we ended up barely catching a short-lived and mostly clouded out sunset from Highway 101 at an overlook across the bay from Heceta Head Lighthouse. Then we hiked up to the lighthouse and captured it at night. It was a stunning adventure from Bandon to Heceta Head and was made even that much better by of hanging out with Michael Shainblum and Serena Ho for another day!


Again thank you to John, Kirk and Drew for joining us on the podcast to share their what went wells and challenges!

Pending Video of us on the scary edge of Secret Beach

Listener Photog Adventure

Gustavo Contreras
Northern lights @ Skogafoss, Iceland October 2017

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Comments 12

  1. Avatar

    I’ve enjoyed my recent find of your podcast! what type of keen watershoes do you have or recommend for the foundation of those nrs boundary socks?

    thanks and keep the episodes coming!

    1. Avatar Post

      Hey thanks, Norm! Really glad you found us! As for your question, I used these Keen’s for mine: http://amzn.to/2DG3f9b

      They were the same Keen’s that Drew and Kirk used mostly. Just slight differences. While it was hard to put them on the first time over the NRS Boundary sock, it really wasn’t that tough the second time and I LOVED having them over my socks when I was at Thor’s Well. On the beach, I would have been fine in my socks alone but it is way better to not have them act as the soles of my feet because they will last longer this way.

      Thanks again for the kind words and really glad you found us! By the way, how did you find out about our podcast? -Aaron

      1. Avatar

        hi Aaron,
        thanks for reply. I found your pod just doing an iTunes search and it was right up my alley….especially you guys are in Utah, next door to me in Colo. I’ve been to several great spots in Utah, but your Oregon coast pods have tempted me to the point where I’ve put it on my list. then, my wife just told me that she has an old classmate who has offered us a free stay in their guest house in Cannon Beach!

        1. Avatar Post

          haha a place to stay at Cannon Beach! Now that is going to be awesome! Easy to get down to Cape Kiwanda at least, if not ALL of the coast from there and you will have a great place to try several sunrises and sunsets! I am jealous!

          Glad you found our podcast and hope you continue to enjoy it! Let us know next time you are in Utah and we will keep you posted on the Listener Adventures which are free hangouts. We will definitely be out near the Colorado Border several times this year! 😀

          Glad to meet you, Norm, and glad your itunes search found us! -Aaron

          P.S. I am curious, what did you search for that helped you find us? 😀

          1. Avatar

            I searched “photography” and then “photog” came up and there you were!
            what do you recommend as a good month for Oregon coast?
            I like your pod because it’s clean and informative and you guys don’t try to be entertainers. good job w/specific info on neat locations.

        2. Kirk Keyes

          Hi Norm –
          I just noticed your question about when to visit Oregon. I live here and visit the coast throughout the year. I’d suggest visiting in September or October as the weather is usually still warm and dry. And there are fewer crowds. That said, anytime of the year can be good, as it never gets really cold there, it just depends on how much rain you’re willing to enjoy!

          1. Avatar

            thanks Kirk. the guys have on their podcast given me several photo spots. if you have any additional ones, i’m all ears to that. thanks.

  2. kirk keyes
    1. Avatar

      thanks kirk,
      we’re open to most anything from cannon beach, where we’ll call “base”…and further south. your podcast gave great info, btw; i’ll use that as my map, but if you have any other good spots, let me know.
      we’re planning late aug. to mid sept of next year.

      1. Kirk Keyes

        HI Norm –
        If you’re based in Cannon Beach. I’d look at – from north to south –
        Cape Disappointment in Washington – check out the lighthouse and go to the beach below it as well.
        Astoria – the Astoria Column, the Interstate Bridge.
        Fort Stevens St Park – there’s ruins of a WWI battery station with tunnels that are cool. Also there’s the wreck of the Peter Iredale, a ship that ran aground around 1900 and just the frame of the bow is remaining. Don’t try shooting much after dusk as the cops might give you a parking ticket…
        Ecola St Park – a great view of the sea stacks at Cannon Beach. Also there’s Indian Beach that you can hike a bit to get to. Watch out for the tides there.
        Of course, Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach.
        There’s a viewpoint on 101 south of Tolovana Beach that has a good view of Haystack Rock.
        Hug Point – the old highway crossed a point on the beach and you can walk on the old roadway. There’s a little waterfall, and a cool beach. Low tide only.
        Arcadia Beach has a cool feature (Lion Rock) that looks a bit like a Sphinx on the beach. Low tide only.
        Cape Falcon/ Oswald West St Park/ Short Sands Beach – Rocks, Waterfalls, Driftwood, and Surfers.
        Neahkahnie Mountain – hike to the top and get an amazing view of Nehalem Bay and the Ocean.
        Elk Flats Viewpoint – hike out to the edge of the cliffs above the ocean.
        Neahkahnie Viewpoint – right on the side of US 101. Look for whales at the right time of the year.
        And of course, Cape Kiwanda a bit further south of Tillamook.

        1. Avatar

          thanks Kirk! you’ve saved me a bunch of time and your comments are my official road map.

          we’re looking forward to the trip even tho its a year away. (acadia n.p. is our big trip this year set for early oct.)

          1. Kirk Keyes

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