PODCAST 62: Oregon Coast Listener Adventure 2017 Part One: Redwoods of California & Secret Beach

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We had an amazing Listener Adventure out in Oregon back in November and there are a LOT of stories to tell. To help us discuss the challenges of Wave Photography along the Oregon Coastline are listeners Drew Armstrong and Kirk Keyes who join us for three straight podcasts! This first podcast of the three focuses on the first days of our trip where wake up for the sunset in Northern California for Redwoods photography and then spend the evening out in Samuel H. Boardman’s at Secret Beach and coincidentally meet Michael Shainblum and Serena Ho!

Peak Design Capture Clip: https://goo.gl/RcLkd6
Peak Design Capture Pad: https://goo.gl/UP596v
Peak Design LensCapture Kit for Canon: https://goo.gl/yus1BN

Check out Drew’s photography at DrewArmstrong.com and Kirk’s at KeyesPhoto.com!

PendingDrew’s Light Ray Shot in the Redwoods

PendingKirk’s Path Shot

PendingBrendon’s Video of me under large Redwood

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