PODCAST 61: Steel Wool Photography is very cool when you do it in really safe places

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When you need something really different and very cool, Steel Wool Photography is a fantastic option! AS LONG AS YOU ARE SAFE! We talk about two separate trips where we go out to do Steel Wool Photography With Jeff, Melanie and Corey who teach us why it is so easy to be addicted to this type of Night Photography. Heading out to a place nearby called “Little Moab” we almost start a fire on our WAY there and then risk Brendon’s Mercedes once again traveling to places we probably shouldn’t be and then find ourselves enamored with the chaos and beauty of Steel Wool Photography.

Follow these guys’ awesome Instagram Feed:
Jeff: @Uncle_Egghead_Photography
Melanie: @MamoJeep_Photography
Corey: @WhatISeeFromHere

YouTube video on “How To: Steel Wool Photography”

Mine and Brendon’s Steel Wool Photography Images:

Chaotic BLAST with too much going on:

The great look of the embers flying when it is late in the spin:



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