PODCAST 60: Serena Ho | Aussie Landscape Photographer talks Story, Inspiration & Near Death Experience

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World Famous Australian Landscape Photographer Serena Ho joins the podcast to share her near death experience in Iceland, the power of story in your photography, inspiration in nature and inspiration for all of us working to make a name for ourselves in Photography. Serena has had amazing experiences worldwide these last few years thanks to her brave approach to following the dream of being a Landscape Photographer. Inspiring us to be better and live the dream the way we ALL wish we could!

See more of Serena’s work at her website: www.serena-ho.com/

Follow Serena’s World Travels at her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/serenavsworld/
Or Instagram at: www.instagram.com/serenavsworld/

Serena’s Fantastic shot in Bavaria, Germany near Neuschwanstein, Castle!

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