PODCAST 59: Michael Shainblum | Tips & tricks in Landscape Photography & a harrowing Milky Way adventure

Photog Adventures Podcast

We hang out with ultra popular and world renowned Milky Way and Landscape Photographer Michael Shainblum! We get an awesome opportunity to learn from Michael and get a chance to pick up some tips and tricks while hearing stories of his adventures out in places like Alabama Hills and unsuspecting amazing seascapes off San Francisco. We get a priceless experience to breakdown the creation, process and decisions behind two fantastic Ocean Landscape Images of his The Phoenix and The Rapture and get his advice for how to do more quality landscape images for new photographers like us!

See Michael’s images we talk about in the Show Notes at https://photogadventures.com/ep59/

Follow Michael Shainblum at his website at ShainblumPhoto.com
Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/shainblumphotography/
Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/shainblumphoto/

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Phoenix Image

Rapture Image