PODCAST 57: Sunrise & Star Trails at Bryce Canyon with the Pocatello Photo Club

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Invited by Larry Petersen from the Pocatello Photo Club to join them at Bryce Canyon National Park for a day, we got the opportunity to capture a beautiful short sunrise at Inspiration Point, a sunset from the top of a mile hiking trail in Losee Canyon and hang out roadside capturing Star Trails over Red Canyon’s famous drive through arch on a night of a Full Moon.

We discuss the challenges of meeting up with a group we have never met in person in the pre-sunrise pitch black morning, getting a room for a few hours of shut eye mid-day, how we don’t remember hikes being as hard as they end up being, seeing the awesome cliffside tree at Losee Trail, more afterglow amazement and then end the day the best way possible with some Astrophotography doing Star Trails in Red Canyon.

This week’s Listener Photog Adventure features Kevin Bell’s shot at Bassi Falls near Lake Tahoe in California. See his image and more of his story at the Show Notes at PhotogAdventures.com/ep57!

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Kevin Bell

I just got back from a camping trip to Ice house in Kyburz, CA near Lake Tahoe. I went with a few coworkers and their kids (13, 9, and 6).

Yesterday, we all decided we wanted to hike to Bassi Falls and work up our appetite (or burn calories off before starting the BBQ😂). A little back story behind this. Two of my coworkers came out here to scout out Bassi Falls and surrounding campsites a month in advance, and they didn’t know the 5 mile road to Bassi Falls Trail was not paved. Needless to say, they almost ripped their front bumper off a Ford Focus going through there, so we were cautious, ended up parking a mile into the road before it go too rough and hiked the rest of the way up.

We got out of the vehicles, I grab my backpack that is holding our food, water and my camera bag and start our 3.5 mile trek up. After about an hour hike up to the falls, I’m finally there! I set up my tripod, camera is ready to go and I start shooting. Not even 45 minutes later, the 6 Y.O was starving and everyone ate all of the snacks on the way up.
Luckily I scaled this rock I took this image about 20 minutes after we got there so I didn’t rush this image.

Fuji X-T1
ISO 250
10″ exposure
B+W f-Pro Select 10-stop ND Filter

I guess I’ll be the first to use the hashtag #LPA ? 😂
Hope y’all enjoy!


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