PODCAST 54: Our first Workshop the PhotoPills Sun, Moon and Milky Way Workshop & how it went!

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We talk about our first ever Workshop and how challenging, fun and crazy it was hanging out with Rafael Pons from PhotoPills fame and our 30 new friends who joined us for the weekend! From the challenging logistics of getting 30 people safely and successfully to our Dark Sky Sites driving themselves and how we battled with red lights from people’s headlamps as a mixed group of skill and camera familiarity were all jammed into a spot meant for 12 or less at MOST!

We also share our Black Friday Announcements about the discounted offerings we have available along with Aaron’s huge announcement of his upcoming release of a Milky Way Online Course! Listen to the major discounts being offered over Friday and Saturday THIS WEEK and take advantage of the ones that make sense for you!


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Listener Photog Adventure: Jeremy Garretson

Run in with the Cops 👮

On our way back from Acadia, I took a detour to shoot Portland Head Lighthouse. Having done minimal research, I was unaware that it is located on a park that is inaccessible at night. After I realized there was no way for me to photograph it, I decided to let our puppy Bernie out for a bathroom break. A few seconds later a police car 🚔 pulled up. My first thoughts were, “oh great, now I am going to have to explain why I am here at night and deal with being hassled.” Boy was I wrong. I explained to the cop why I was there at 1:30am and that we didn’t have to be in New London till 7am to catch a ferry. I think he must of liked Bernie because the next thing I knew he offered me twenty minutes in the park while he made his rounds. He gave me full access to something that is normally closed to the public(at night). I can’t describe the feeling how shocked and thrilled I was. All to often photographers and police officers bump heads. I can tell you that good communication can diffuse and solve most problems if done tactfully. Unfortunately I did not get the officers name, but if he ever sees this, “Thank you so so much, it was the highlight of my trip.” — at Portland Head Light.

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