PODCAST 53: Hanging with Nick Page talking about his Aurora shot in the Palouse, his award winning Seagulls & Wave shot and the Auroras in Iceland

PODCAST 53: Hanging with Nick Page talking about his Aurora shot in the Palouse, his award winning Seagulls & Wave shot and the Auroras in Iceland

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We hang out with the ONE and ONLY Nick Page! Landscape Photographer extraordinaire and all around great guy, Nick Page joins us for a Photog Adventure Podcast to share the behind the scene stories of three amazing images. You can watch this interview on either YouTube or Soundcloud.

Nick Page Landscape Photography Podcast

Nick’s first talks about his awe-inspiring Aurora shot that he took out in Washington State’s Palouse region earlier this year in May. Then he tells the story of his shot pf seagulls and a wave at Cape Disappointment on the Washington Coast. The seagulls were flying right on top of an incredible wave. That photo won him #5 Landscape Photographer of the Year in the US. Finally, he shares his experience of capturing the Aurora out in Iceland.

Nick shares his story and talks about the perseverance to get out there. You have to get your camera to these amazing locations to get the shot. He shares tips on how to prepare yourself for an awesome aurora, crashing waves, and how not to sleep when you really want to because the conditions are just right for an amazing night sky.

When Nick was shooting the Aurora in the Palouse, we were in the Escalante. We saw the Aurora and thought it was some sort of weird light pollution. You can hear about our experience from that night in this episode: PODCAST: Milky Way Photography out in Escalante National Monument | Ep 36

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