PODCAST 52: Waterfalls, Pratfalls & Fall Colors in North Carolina with Jordan Younce

Photog Adventures Podcast

In one of our longest podcasts yet, we recap our fantastic week long trip out to North Carolina where we hang out with Jordan Younce of PictureMonk Fame and SleekLens.com notoriety. We muse on the discomforts of airplane travel, preparing for a photog adventure correctly, Brendon’s famous waterfall break dance, challenges of sunrises and sunsets in a land with a lot of tall trees, being too early for fall colors, sunrise with fog at a nearby lake, the beaches of North Carolina and the crazy apes we met at the Linn Cove Viaduct.

In short, we saw ALL of North Carolina with Jordan and Roger Younce from the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way to the beaches south of Wilmington and had a blast out there!

See Jordan’s YouTube video about the trip here: youtu.be/y4QpWZyxEGI

Hear his PictureMonk podcast here: http://picturemonk.com/pmp085/

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