Owochomo Bridge & Milky Way

PODCAST 51: Weekend at Arches, Canyonlands & the Milky Way at Natural Bridges National Monument

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The weekend before our first Photog Adventures Workshop we hang out with Rafael Pons and Joshua Snow at their Workshop at Arches National Park. Making new friends and having more time in the weekend to kill, we went out to Dead Horse Point for sunrise, spent the day taking the scenic route in Canyonlands National Park and then blitzed down to Natural Bridges National Monument to take in one of the last opportunities for Milky Way Photography in Utah’s First Dark Sky Park under the ever photogenic Owochomo Bridge!

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  1. Hello Aaron & Brendon
    Thanks for your help at bridges. I have bought a panel. Just listened to podcast 51 for bridges. Cool. Saw that you have a trip to Oregon and may try and sign up and see you again. I will keep track of you schedule and see if another match up is possible. What is the charge for the workshops? Is being a patron a requirement. I also drove Schaffer trail and had the same observation. Bye for now.

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