PODCAST 43: Faroe Islands, the Dreamwalkers & being an Olympus Visionary with Chris Eyre-Walker | Ep 43

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Chris joins us from Belgium months ago to talk about his experience as an Olympus Visionary, traveling the world from the deserts of Namibia to the weathered rocks of the Faroe Islands and his recently announced short film about the Dreamwalkers Highlining team who conquered amazing heights at the Faroe Islands.

Chris also shares with us his experience starting out working with Chris Burkard and why he uses the yellow jacketed or red jacketed model in almost all of his shots.

See more of Chris’ work at ChrisEyreWalker.com

See Chris’ DreamWalkers video trailer here: youtu.be/y9QFhORYOrM

The Making Of videos: youtu.be/aTazWBBZmVs

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