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PODCAST 139: Mark Gee | New Zealand Southern Hemisphere Milky Way Photography Tips & Favorite Locations

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What Milky Way Photographer out there doesn’t share the bucket list item with me of Southern Hemisphere Milky Way? Answer is no one! Every Milky Way Photographer out there has a dream of going to see the Southern Hemisphere Milky Way before they die! Join Aaron on the podcast dreaming of New Zealand with Master Milky Way Photographer Mark Gee!

Southern Hemisphere Milky Way Master Mark Gee

Mark Gee joins Aaron to talk Southern Hemisphere Milky Way Photography in New Zealand! Giving us tips on stacking, capturing, composition and where to go in New Zealand!

We start off talking about the differences of capturing the Milky Way in the Southern Hemisphere right down to the timing of when to go out due to the Milky Way Core being too high in the sky at the beginning of the night.

Then we move into some major capturing, stacking tips from Mark that are terrific tricks to bring the most out of your Milky Way Photography. Mark explains his “Good” image approach that includes the daytime scouting that is usually hard for most of us that can’t leave to our location until after work and usually too late before sundown.

What is Mark’s MUST BRING for anyone coming to New Zealand for Milky Way? What are the reasons Mark loves the Great Barrier, Central Plateau, Cape Palliser, Mount Cook and why is Wellington the BEST CAPITOL of ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD?


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