PODCAST 135: Photo Taco’s Jeff Harmon | Don’t Stress, Have Fun! Be a Hobbyist Again!

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As we get too crazy into our photography hobby, there are areas that we drop off the hobbyist map and try to turn it into a side hustle. Don’t let the stress of worrying about the wrong things ruin this hobby for you! We talk with Photo Taco’s Jeff Harmon about having fun as a photographer again!

Photo Taco’s Jeff Harmon

I am joined today by Jeff Harmon of the Photo Taco Podcast, who co-hosts this episode with me today as we tackle this topic that is becoming more and more common in the world of Photography. We take ourselves and the fun of photography way too seriously!

Bonus, while Jeff shares his recent adventures at the beginning of the podcast, we are joined by MaryBeth Kiczenski! MegaRally! Enjoy!

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  1. Avatar

    Synchronicity rules my life. Stumbled upon this podcast and the title drew me in. It was like listening to someone describe my OWN life. I am a graphic designer / Software UX Designer for a full time job. I am trying to transition into being on vacation full-time selling my travel photography. Hearing all of the thoughts about the lack of time when you are juggling that lifestyle, the comments I get about whether or not I am a professional (some people you meet are EXTREMELY nasty when you share what you’re up to in that regard), and the whole concept of “It’s so easy to shoot images for 10 straight days, but it takes MONTHS to process them (if they ever make it in the queue).”

    I have several PROFESSIONAL photographers as friends. I went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the mid 90s for Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography — but chose not to pursue photography as a career because of how poor all of my photographer friends were. NONE of them consider me to be a “Real Photographer” and constantly tell me I’m not even though the photos I specialize in blow theirs out of the water — along with having 20+ years of editing experience that goes way beyond anything they are capable of.

    Looking forward to hearing more stories. My whole concept for selling my photos is to tell the STORIES behind them. I had a crappy zenfolio site that wasn’t up to my UI standards, so I am in the middle of creating a fresh site around the story telling concept.

    If you’re ever looking for other similar photographers with CRAZY stories to share…

    Here are are the times I slept on the top of a treeless mountain top in West Virginia after leaving Pittsburgh at 11:30 PM, to sleep in a tent cot during a wind storm when it was 20 degrees outside, to capture the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen in my life…


    Here’s the time I took a 30 second exposure by setting my camera on a curb in Columbus, Ohio — followed by a drunk driver crashing into the curb where I was sitting not even 10 seconds after standing up…


    And about 9 weeks ago I was on my way to UTAH (synchronicity is strong here with that show) — and flipped over the handlebars of my mountain bike in Saint Louis while riding around the city shooting images and broke a large chunk off of my radius. I kept shooting anyway because I didn’t think my arm was actually broken — so all of the photos taken the remainder of that 3,000 mile trip are even more astounding to me because I took all of them with a very broken arm while driving around the country in a stick shift Jeep. I have no idea how I pulled that off as I found out the arm was broken about a week ago when I finally decided to get an X-ray.

    Pretty much every photo in my portfolio involved some sort of extreme suffering to pull off.

    I look forward to hearing more of the stories in your podcast for sure!

    1. Kirk Keyes Post

      Hey Adam! Thanks for your stories! Glad you’re enjoying the podcast. Amazing part about your broken arm! I can’t imagine doing that!
      Your link to your Amazon photo isn’t working – can you check it?
      Thanks again!
      Kirk Keyes

      1. Avatar

        I guess you have to generate a share link from amazon for it to work vs. right-clicking on an image.


        Synchronicity from your show, combined with some other things got me up to the Adirondacks in New York a week ago to try and capture some of the fall color (using the smoky mtn leaf map and some other photographers I follow from that area as reference). As soon as I got to the high peaks area the weather turned to total crap, until I left the area — so it certainly paid off to spend a lot of time driving slowly up there so I wouldn’t come home empty handed!

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