PODCAST 131: David Thompson | What is Epic Light, Million $ Moment at Factory Butte & Swamp Photography | PATREON BONUS

PODCAST 131: David Thompson | What is Epic Light, Million $ Moment at Factory Butte & Swamp Photography | PATREON BONUS

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David Thompson, a Landscape Photographer who Nick Page recently called his favorite Post-Processor, joins the podcast. He teaches us what “epic light” means, shares a truly amazing epic light moment, and gets us interested in Swamp Photography!

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Nick Page’s Compliment

Hear Nick Page compliment David in this video here: https://youtu.be/Jo6xonIhAOo?t=2081 

A Hobbyist Photographer

David is a professional-quality and experienced hobbyist Photographer whose reputation for beautiful images has landed him workshops & Skype calls teaching photography throughout the year while he keeps a full time day job. 

David shares with us his three favorite Landscape Photography areas. Then he gives some tips for newbs on how to take the most advantage of these areas. Next we learn from David his great perspective on light. He tells us how to work with it, anticipate it, and he names several situations that should be considered “epic light” even though it isn’t the classic blown up sky.

David Thompson’s Awesome Factory Butte Story

Then David completely turns 180-Degrees and shares with us one of the most envious tales I have ever heard about epic light out at Factory Butte! His image actually has a Rainbow perfectly symmetrical arching over Factory Butte with a sky crazy pink! 

Instagram link to that Factory Butte Image: https://www.instagram.com/p/BllUKc9Dgic
What an amazing shot! Dang we really are jealous! 

Beyond the amazing image, David shares with us the juggling act he was going through while trying to capture this shot. He talks about the endurance and optimism required of him, and his friend Paul Rojas, to even STAY in the Factory Butte area; especially after what happened to them the night leading up to this sunrise! 

Lastly, I read the Instagram message David attached to that image which talks about a principle that what we know as “epic light”, how it is completely relative, and will change as you gain more experience in Landscape Photography. 

David Thompson’s Contact Info

Website: https://www.davidthompsonphotography.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davidthompsonphotography/

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