PODCAST 127: Jenna Martin | Master Underwater Portrait Photographer Shares How She Found Her Crazy Niche | PATREON BONUS

PODCAST 127: Jenna Martin | Master Underwater Portrait Photographer Shares How She Found Her Crazy Niche | PATREON BONUS

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Todays Topic – Homemade Underwater Housings, Freezing Models, and the Mysterious Creature!

Jenna Martin – despite being landlocked in Billings, Montana – created and mastered a majorly interesting niche in photography: Underwater Portraiture! And not just Fine Art, but actual families come to her from all over to get a spectacular and candid family portrait! 

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Jenna shares the challenges, the gear, the dedication of her models and her crazy determination to experience what her models are experiencing! If they don’t get a wetsuit, she doesn’t get a wetsuit. Whether it is a freezing, cold lake or a chlorine picture ruining pool, Jenna dresses in the same comforts or lack thereof that her models are.

In the second half, Jenna shares a story about a mysterious figure in the water next to her model, and it is in the picture here over on her Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/BHREyfwhlmA/ 

Jenna also shares her experience giving a Ted talk, one of my personal goals in life, and the details behind the scenes on what Ted Talks require of you is way off what I expected!

We had a blast hearing about her experiences and crazy admired her tenacity going for a type of photography that has so many quirks about it that there are unpredictable challenges like what makeup her models have to wear underwater! 

It is a fascinating story, and we think whether you would someday consider doing underwater photography yourself or not, you will love to hear about Jenna’s work! 

Jenna Martin’s Contact Info

Website: http://jennamartinphotography.com/ 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jennamartinphoto/ 
Creative Chaos Podcast: apple.co/2zOa87J

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