PODCAST 104: Oregon Coast Listener Adventure Pt. 2 | Milky Way at Thor's Well, Cape Kiwanda & Cannon Beach

PODCAST 104: Oregon Coast Listener Adventure Pt. 2 | Milky Way at Thor’s Well, Cape Kiwanda & Cannon Beach

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We talk about our completely, unexpectedly, relatively safe opportunity to capture a Milky Way at Thor’s Well. We warn you NOT TO DO IT unless you have similar conditions of low, low swells and low tide.  Next up was sunrise at Heceta Head Lighthouse. Then we share our stories of capturing the last Milky Way Core of the season at Cape Kiwanda. We close this episode with a lazy sunrise out at Cannon Beach.

Milky Way at Thor’s Well

Again, we warn you NOT TO DO IT unless you have similar conditions of low, low swells and low tide. Even then, there is still the risk of sneaker waves. Be careful when at Thor’s Well!

The conditions were perfect for us to be out at Thor’s Well until the Milky Way was visible. It was a November Milky Way with several challenges! Kirk brought long some glowsticks and heavy-duty fishline and he and Brendon strung them up and tossed them into the well. Then we got out Kirk’s Luxli Viola and Drew’s headlamp and we lit the well up. We used the Luxli Conductor app to control the Luxli Viola via Bluetooth. We set it to the “Rainbow” FX setting and had it cycle through all the colors of the color wheel. It looked amazing as we got different colors to shine on the water as it splashed out of the well. All the while the Milky Way was in the background. We even recovered all the glow sticks we had tossed into the well! What an amazing night!

Heceta Head

We went out for sunrise at Heceta Head. We split up into two groups this morning. Aaron and John went up to the lighthouse and photographed it from up close. Please pay attention to the areas near the Heceta Head Lighthouse that are closed to minimize erosion. Don’t be that person that ignores the signs… Brendon, Drew, and Kirk went to the viewpoint south on Hwy 101 and photographed what turned out to be a rather bland sunrise. Drew flew his drone out and got some amazing photos from out at sea looking back to the lighthouse. Brendon had a lot of fun filming the sealions playing that were in the bay below.

Cape Kiwanda

Again, we went up the dune and out to the west where the bluff that overlooks the ocean. The bluff is sandstone, but it’s not nice, solid Utah sandstone. It’s mealy, soft, and weak sandstone. So watch your steps. And the bluffs there are very exposed with steep drop-offs. Be very careful. It’s not a place to be with high seas or strong winds.
But the views from there are awesome! Listeners Teresa, Marybeth, and John shot with Aaron from the closest bluff and Brendon, Drew, and Kirk headed out to the furthest bluff. The clouds were good, the marine layer was non-existent, the thinnest of a crescent moon set and then the Milky Way came out. Aaron led a moment of silence for the Milky Way Core, as it was our last chance to see it from that latitude for 2018. It was another awesome night.

Cannon Beach

We made a new friend at Cannon Beach this year – James from Canada was on his motorbike and we parked next to him on the road. Check out his shots @wobblycat
Brendon had a sore hip when he slipped on the soft sandstone hiking back to the car at Cape Kiwanda, so he slept in that morning. Drew, Kirk, and Aaron headed out for sunrise at Cannon Beach. It was not an amazing sunrise as it was last year, so Aaron got out into the surf, putting his NRS Boundary socks to test (they passed!). He played around with his shutter and got a huge range of images. Make sure you try out long and short shutter speeds with the surf. You’ll be happy you did! There are so many different looks to be captured!


  • Forgotten Phones
  • Missed the flight back
  • sore hip

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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