PODCAST 102: Oregon Coast Listener Adventure Pt. 1 | Milky Way at Secret Beach, Natural Bridges & Bandon

PODCAST 102: Oregon Coast Listener Adventure Pt. 1 | Milky Way at Secret Beach, Natural Bridges & Bandon

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In the first of three episodes about our Oregon Coast Listener Adventure, Aaron and Brendon share stories from our first two days. First we talk about going all the way to the Redwoods and then end up photographing mushrooms and fungus. Then we talk about the photography opportunities for Milky Way at Secret Beach and Bandon. And, of course, there’s going to be several Photog MISAdventures that occurred.

We will finish the Oregon Coast Listener Adventure next week and then the following week hear from all of the participants that joined us out in Oregon.

Misadventure Recap!

On this trip:

  • A deer in the middle of Interstate 5! And we did not hit it. But man, it was close!
  • A slow leak in the tire – NOT a flat!
  • Airbnb for five people with only three beds
  • The lumpiest and most uncomfortable bed
  • Yellowjacket attack on the trail
  • A broken tooth crown

Milky Way at Secret Beach

November is still a great place to photograph the Milky Way at Secret Beach. You just need to get clear skies all the way down to the horizon. The Milky Way was completely vertical, so look for a good foreground element to make a great composition.

Sunrise at Natural Bridges

We went to Natural Bridges overlook at Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor for sunrise. The trail out to the viewpoint looked bit steep, but it wasn’t that bad. Until the yellowjackets attacked! Some choice words were used!

Milky Way at Bandon

Low tide at Bandon is awesome! Especially when the Milky Way is out! And the lights from the hotels on the bluff light up all the sea stacks so you get some great lighting on the stacks. The only problem is the color of the light. You can correct it pretty good in post, but it is very orange.

The Coolest LED Light Panel Ever!

Well, it’s not a Luxli “Velvia” LED light, it’s a Luxli Viola 5″ Multi-Color On-Camera LED Light Panel that we used at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park to take the photos of the mushrooms and fungus. Not only is it bright and only 5″ across, but the brightness level is adjustable from 100% down to 1% with steps of 1%. And it is fully adjustable in both RGB color and color temp from 3,000K to 10,000K. If that’s not enough to sell you on it, it’s controllable by Bluetooth and has great programmable modes like Strobe, Rainbow, and Sine Wave. Listen to the upcoming episode at Thor’s Well where we put this little light to full use!

Upcoming Milky Way Workshops

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Bandon, OR / Crater Lake Workshops

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