PODCAST 101: Alyn Wallace | Milky Way Photography in Europe & a challenging Mark Gee-like telephoto Moon | PATREON ONLY

PODCAST 101: Alyn Wallace | Milky Way Photography in Europe & a Challenging Mark Gee-like telephoto Moon | All Access

Kirk Keyes Interview, Patreon Only, Podcast

Alyn Wallace was our third Patreon Access episode. Since we are at the Nightscaper Conference, we’re releasing this previously Patreon Only Interview for everyone!

Tonight’s Guest – Alyn Wallace

Alyn is an astro, landscape, and timelapse photographer from Wales, UK. He is based near the Brecon Beacons National Park, one of the darkest location in South Wales.

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Alyn Wallace’s Beginnings

Alan tells us how he got started with astrophotography. He talks about how astrophotography allowed him to combine several of his interests into one activity. He then tells us several of his favourite European locations.

Stories, Awesome Stories

Alyn shares with use three awesome stories. First he tells about nearly getting stuck on a coastal island by an incoming tide, only to find the car was blocked by an uninvited guest. And no, it was not a bear. Then he shares the how he was run out of what he thought would be an awesome night of astrophotography near some large telescopes. His final story is about photographing his yoga instructor as she stood in front of the rising moon. He’s downhill two km away, running around in a marsh trying to get everything aligned, when the army shows up! What a funny series of events! Here’s Alyn’s blog post with all the details about getting this shot: https://alynwallacephotography.com/blog/2017/5/2/yoga-moon-the-most-nerve-racking-photo-i-ever-took

What’s in the Sky?

Alyn posts a “what’s in the sky for each month” video on his YouTube channel. It’s a great resource for all astrophotographers.

Gear Time with Alyn Wallace

Alan discusses his associations with Benro Tripods and Kase Filters. He and Brendon talk about the Benro 3-Way Geared Head. Brendon used one recently on the 2018 Oregon Coast Listener Adventure and he loved it! Then Alyn shares about a new product from Kase Filters – tentatively called the “Star Glow” filter. It’s a diffusion filter for astrophotography. This type of filter will help larger stars appear brighter but not greatly affect smaller stars. If you’re familiar with the amazing Japanese astrophotographer Akira Fujii, you’ll know exactly what this filter will do for you. And you’ll want one!

Alyn Wallace’s Contact Info

You can find Alyn Wallace at:

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